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The herdSummerland
Track : When you escape

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From very early on
i was absorbed
i was outraged
by the injustice of the day
what I'd read of to that day
It Conflicted with everything
I had been brought to believe
and my school didn't teach none of it
So underneath we used to wonder
if this was messed up, mixed up
give the lad a pen
while he's still a boy
Watch what he makes of it
Can he make an ace of it
before recreation and rap
what anyone and everyone
rap (chuck?) was a king
but you jumping again
and waiting for that time to come back
this territory's untapped
or at least that's what it seems
when to cops swarm
Celebrated for a God Com
Maybe we already long gone
just don't let any of it
interfere with escapism and a door to...
Christ no not even as the ship takes on water
This is how we view the world
art is an imitation of life
Well throw away the air brush
I want to know what it looks like

Now I've scratched my head
I've chewed my pen
(??) in something else to say
the lyrics make you nervous
but you like the music anyway
So I'll stick to the hard stuff
and you can keep the throw away
The prefabricated pop stars
so light that they could blow away
There's too many (??)
for the things that they believe in
so what's the point of talking
If you say things and don't mean 'em
i refuse to accept it
if you bring the same old reason
that no it doesn't effect me
well yes it does directly
and my music's a reflection
not meant to be a lecture
it's a sonic insurrection
in the face of disaffection
And I've kept the fingers inky
And the mic was never dusty
And i bust a gut on Friday night
to make the punters trust me
And what is it exactly
that you're wanting me to write about
sing baby baby with a crazy
haircut and a tiny pout
I'd prefer to hide out
and contemplate my passions
I'm talking about music
and you're talking about fashion
Man, half of them are actors
and they rise from the same pattern
pretending they're all accidents
that are just waiting to happen
And the tiny hands are clapping
'cause that's their demographic
They went straight for the money, man
what about the magic?
Yo, I'm not so tragic that i think
this music is our savior
there's no way that the bastards
will be changing my behavior
At least i gave you something
you can get your teeth into
some real nourishment, man
some real soul food

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