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The herdSummerland
Track : The king is dead

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We dance like new years eve, we
We dance from sheer relief, whoa oh
Everything must change

[Verse 1: Urthboy]
The people that you projected us as
We were nothing of the sort, sold us all short
Put down the champagne, no toast to the legacy
(no way) And all the propaganda of prosperity
That's what a machine does and they don't need therapy
You turned us into a nation of haters
Far-right appeaser/ believer in whatever get you leader
Dog whistle through the speakers
see who bites it, I noticed a hell of a lot of people liked it
An ethical choice is simpler if you price it
Conquer by dividing that's why you admired him?
unless pushed we would never have retired him
f**kin pirate history will damn him
once it seemed like nothing could damage him
{Unkle Ho spits something in Mandarin}
Crook, you got your arse played in Mandarin!

[Chorus: Jane Tyrell (+ Herd)]
Finally the King is Dead, we cried off with his head
Everything must change (Everything must change), everything must change
We dance like New Years Eve, we dance from relief, everything must change
(Nothing stays the same), Nothing stays the same oh
Nothing stays the same ohhh

[Verse 2: Ozi Batla]
Yeah Cats I know are feeling just like the rapture
And I can tell who this mood is failing to capture
It's like somebody finally did light that match up
And burn down the parliament, learned from the argument
Can't be non-partisan, when you're an artist
And you put your heart in it, and that's not even the half of it
Like my man said, we're talking butter and bread
Better if his words were never uttered again
Mostly vindictive, who could have predicted
Just a few tax breaks to keep us all addicted
The dickhead dictator, leader, imitator
Made me feel immature when I said "I hate ya"
Did you read the paper the day after and hear the laughter?
I'll read it to you, it starts with M McKew and ends with you
No broader view from the people on your ship that you used to call crew Huh!
That's typical, now I guess it's difficult
for the type of person who only thinks of individual
No residual, you'll see our resilience
Take your bat and ball and head for the pavilion.


[Jane Tyrell]
Just promise me this, no rose petal glasses, quickly confine him to part of the past
Just promise me this, no rose petal glasses, quickly confine him to part of the past

[Chorus] {X2}

Nothing stays the same oh...
Nothing stays the same oh...

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