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The herdSummerland
Track : Kids learn quick

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Chorus: And they still build walls - to keep us in or out - I'm not sure
I am the sharp tip of the army's claw
Must look the part, must look the law
This uniform's a red rag to bombers
Knowing that my death would bring them honour
So f**k the scholars and their white collars
Your nerves aren't as ragged as this soldier's
It gets colder - feels like everyone's got a chip on their shoulder oh
What if today's the day my luck leaves me?
Everything is normally uneasy
No reason why it wouldn't be this evening
That's why every day I dream of leaving
Still they come - they queue
Clenched are the hands who are tightening screws
Control how their population moves
This is what the rebels are making us do
Alert and on edge
The tablets go straight to the head - I'm jumpy
They holding the scruff of the neck of the country
So much sun does the blood see
The checkpoint is teeth and guns
The bad apples make me numb with their cries with a request denied
I hate the f**kin look in their eye - but I don't wanna live like this
Let you in but not your wife and kids
Who may or may not aspire to by martyrs
But the state will clamp down hard regardless
Pre-emption as self defense and that might be severance for live rounds at residents
When even their children throw stones
That's why I can't wait to go home
Nothing in my pocket but a work permit
Temporary, yes signed today - legit
This kid's making it too hard
The worst part - I clock on in five minutes
Are we at war with them or are we their Mexicans?
When testing them means resting in bed with a bump on your head for many days
Like my mother says 'we can't afford that anyway'
Which ever way you look at it
The lay of the land is crooked
Holy Lands mad shook with hatred
This road is ancient
And now the gatekeeper is 18
Which he's clearly hating
That doesn't change the fact he's still got me waiting
On land the UN states is mine
You can see how that frustrates the mind of a young man
Young man opposite - holding the gun
Telling him to stop - run - even just for fun
And if it gets too much
That other man runs
No such luck if a rocket struck tonight
We might be stuck for the night
Along with some tired men who might be up for a fight
Ain't seen enough of the light
Seems nothing is right
This kid's tired and it shows
But he's seen me enough times to know
Let me go - by the scruff
Am I Fatah? Hamas?
Tell me why you'd give a f**k
Either way you won't let me up out of this dust
I see you through a cloud of mistrust
This affirms it - burn shit
Kids around here learn quick
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